Individual Evaluation University Professors

Most of the employment contracts for university professors appointed in accordance with §98 Universities Act include an evaluation in the fifth year of employment as a rule. 

The evaluation covers the entirety of the professor's activities in research, the acquisition of funding, teaching, the promotion of young researchers and research management during the period between his/her appointment and the time of evaluation. Moreover, future plans and strategies are also included in the evaluation. The evaluation is carried out by international experts on the basis of a report drawn up by one of the candidates, whereby they also have the opportunity to issue an official response to the expert report.

The Unit for Quality Assurance: 

  • designs the evaluation process
  • prepares the performance data in research, teaching, examinations, supervision, third-party funds, teaching evaluations
  • researches for reviewers and checks for potential bias towards the candidate

The evaluation process is administrated by the the Professors' Appointment Consulting Service.


Mag. Dr. Michael Hofer

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Claudia Stermsek, BA

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