Quality Audit 2022

The quality assurance system of the University of Vienna was certified without requirements in 2022.

The Act on Quality Assurance in Higher Education (Hochschul-Qualitätssicherungsgesetz, HS-QSG) requires all Austrian universities to have their quality assurance systems evaluated and certified by an external agency. In 2022 the University of Vienna conducted the audit with the Swiss Agency of Accreditation and Quality Assurance (AAQ).

In the course of the auditing procedure, the University compiled a comprehensive self-evaluation report and was assessed by a group of five external assessors. In June 2022, the Swiss Accreditation Council certified the University of Vienna’s quality assurance system. The certificate is valid until June 2029.


  • January to November 2021: Preparation of the self-evaluation report.
  • January 13, 2022/March 16-18, 2022: On-site visits by the peer reviewers
  • June 2022: Decision of the Swiss Accreditation Council

 Audit Steering Group

The members of the Audit Steering Group are:

  • Rector Engl
  • Vice-Rector Tyran
  • Chair of the Senate Schwarz
  • 1st Deputy Chair of the Senate Steidl
  • Chair of the Curriculum Commission Krammer

The steering group discusses key points regarding the content and process of the re-audit, e.g. the selection of the agency.

The steering group identified three key topics for the audit:

  • Quality assurance in continuing scientific education
  • Quality assurance of the doctorate
  • Quality assurance on the way to a professorship


 Audit Project Group

In January 2021 the Audit Project Group has been established by the Rectorate. The group prepares the self-evaluation report and constitutes an interface to the faculties, centres and service units. The Audit Project Group is led by vice rector Tyran, his substitute is vice rector Schnabl. The Unit for Quality Assurance is responsible for the overall coordination. Members of the project group are (functions as of January 2021):


  • Vicerector Jean-Robert TYRAN
  • Vicerector Christa SCHNABL

Office of the rectorate

  • Claudia KÖGLER, Head of the Office of the Rectorate


  • Gerhard ECKER, Dean, Faculty of Life Sciences
  • Petra HEINZ, Dean, Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy
  • Radu BOT, Dean, Faculty of Mathematics
  • Sebastian SCHÜTZE, Dean, Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies


  • Stefan KRAMMER, Chair of the Curricular Commission of the Senate
  • Ilse REITER-ZATLOUKAL (Replacement: Nuno MAULIDE)
  • Claus TIEBER (Replacement: Elisabeth GOLDARBEITER-LISKAR)

Directors of (Doctoral) Study Programmes

  • Hans-Bernhard SCHMID, Director of Studies, Doctoral Studies Programme Philosophy
  • Sophie LECHELER, Director of Studies, Doctoral Studies Programme Social Sciences
  • Christian KORUNKA, former Vice-Director of Studies, Doctoral Studies Programme Psychology
  • Christiane DALTON-PUFFER, Director of Studies, English and American Studies
  • Kerstin HUMMER, Director of Studies, Physics

Students / Student representatives (ÖH)

  • Stefan DZEVER
  • Magdalena TAXENBACHER
  • Replacements: Nikola BELIVAKIC, Stefanie RUBENZUCKER, David VAN DE SAND, Felix SCHMIDTNER, Wolfgang WIESINGER

Service units

  • Roland STEINACHER, Head, Teaching Affairs and Student Services
  • Irene ROTTENSTEINER, Head, Human Resources and Gender Equality
  • Lucas ZINNER, Head, Research Services and Career Development

Unit for Quality Assurance

  • Michael HOFER, Head
  • Jürgen ROTH


Mag. Dr. Michael Hofer

T: +43-1-4277-18010

Dipl.-Pol. Jürgen Roth

T: +43-1-4277-18005