About us

At the University of Vienna, the Unit for Quality Assurance is the central organisational unit responsible for internal and external quality assurance, including evaluations, data collection and quality audits. The evaluations organised and carried out by the Unit for Quality Assurance offer important opportunities for critical reflection and they contribute to strategic planning, decision-making and the development of the University of Vienna. The Unit for Quality Assurance, thus, contributes to fulfil the requirements regarding the quality assurance system specified by the Universities Act.

The Development Plan states that quality assurance is not the sole responsibility of the Unit for Quality Assurance at the University of Vienna alone. Rather, all university members and all organisational units should strive for the highest quality in research, teaching and administration. The specific instruments and procedures for quality assurance should support this quality culture.

The self-understanding of the Unit for Quality Assurance is that our tasks are

  • with central competence and responsibility for university-wide quality assurance and evaluation procedures in research, teaching, studies and administration including surveys of students and staff,
  • to enhance structures and processes that empower students and staff in their discourse and reflection on quality in research, teaching, studies and administration,
  • in dialogue with the involved stakeholders to produce useful and meaningful results and recommendations that support decision-making processes of strategic importance,
  • to ensure that the quality assurance system of the University of Vienna meets international standards and legal requirements, considers the different subject cultures and uses academic principles.

Quality assurance specialists distinguish themselves from researchers or administrative staff. For our work, we need competences in both research and administration. In our work for the University and with stakeholders, students and staff we make sure to

  • build on the existing, initiate positive change and unfold potentials;
  • involve all members of the University in processes of quality assurance;
  • create room for reflection and strengthen responsibility.