Analysing and implementing results


After data evaluation by the Unit for Quality Assurance, the evaluation reports are delivered to the lecturers.   

Comparative figures per DSP and questionnaire are published on the website of the Unit for Quality Assurance (for winter semester in April and for summer semester in September), the profile lines of the study programmes are additionally loaded to the evaluation report.

Furthermore the Unit for Quality Assurance creates special compilations for the DSPs:

  • A list of non-evaluated courses
  • A tabular overview about university-wide asked questions ordered by the overall assessment (Question: Overall I consider the course very good – very bad) per course.
  • Performance indicators per Director of the Studies Programme, which allow an university-wide classification of the DSP-specific results.


The results can be inspected by:

  • The lecturers: Their own results
  • The (Vice-) Directors of the Studies Programme: The results of any course of the DSP.
  • (Vice-)Deans and (Vice-)Heads of Centers: The results of the offered courses at the faculty/the center.
  • (Vice-)Rectors: Any results

 Usage of the results

The results of the course evaluation act as:

  • Feedback instrument for the lecturers
  • Feedback- and planning instrument für the Directors of the Studies Programme
  • Basis of assessment for individual evaluations (esp. professors, senior lecturers)
  • Data base for the evaluation of faculties and centers (Informed Peer Evaluation)
  • Planning instrument for service centers (Center for Teaching and Learning, Center for Doctoral Studies)


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