Evaluation Faculty of Mathematics completed


The evaluation of the Faculty of Mathematics was completed with the signing of an implementation agreement between the faculty and the Rectorate. Particular attention was paid to four key evaluation topics: (1) research output, third-party funding and the positioning of the faculty within the University of Vienna as a partner for interdisciplinary research, (2) doctoral training, (3) teaching with a focus on teacher training programs, and (4) recruitment and career advancement of women.

As part of the evaluation, the faculty first carried out a self-evaluation. In November 2022, an on-site visit by international peers took place under the chairmanship of Professor Barbara Wohlmuth (TU Munich).

Overall, the reviewers rate the faculty's achievements in research and teaching very positively. It is the committee’s impression that each key research area is conducting research at the highest level, addressing key questions in their respective fields and collaborating extensively both within mathematics and outside mathematics. This is evidenced by an impressive list of publications in top international journals, as well as by the overwhelming success at receiving prestigious prizes and acquiring third party funding (including several ERC grants, as well as Austrian awards).”

The peer report gives a detailed assessment of the key evaluation topics. It provides suggestions for further development, including cross-faculty cooperation on study programs, opportunities to improve teacher training, further development of the personnel structure through joint appointments with cooperating faculties ("bridging appointments") and measures to attract additional third-party funding in the field of applied mathematics through stronger connections to industry.

The evaluation results were discussed in detail by the Rectorate with the faculty leadership. A variety of expert recommendations for improvement were incorporated into the implementation agreement. Monitoring of the agreed measures will be carried out as part of the target agreement process.

Evaluation report and statement of the Faculty of Mathematics are available for university members at https://qs.univie.ac.at/en/evaluation/faculties-centres/evaluation-reports/.

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