Alongside course evaluation and graduation surveys, the Unit for Quality Assurance also carries out a number of other surveys for faculties, centres and service units. These surveys are carried out at regular intervals (every semester or annually) or on a one-off basis. The impulse for the surveys is usually received when the Unit for Quality Assurance is approached with a need for information. In a first step, the Unit examines whether the question can be answered via a survey; then, the method and the survey design are clarified with the client before the relevant tool is developed.

In accordance with the Rectorate’s guidelines, surveys carried out within the University must be coordinated with the Unit for Quality Assurance and preferably also carried out by the Unit with the professional surveying software EvaSys, which the University of Vienna uses for this purpose.

The following surveys are currently taking place on a continuous basis:

  1. survey of the participants in the fee-based language courses of the Language Centre of the University of Vienna (over 1,000 course evaluations per year)
  2. survey of students engaged in continuing education and training programmes on the approx. 40 university continuing education and training programmes at the Postgraduate Center of the University of Vienna
  3. annual survey of ERASMUS students (incoming, outgoing and placement) and non-EU exchange students on the improvement of support provided by the International Office
  4. survey of participants regarding the qualification offers of the Center for Teaching and Learning (basic qualification for new teachers, teaching competence courses, etc.)
  5. survey of doctoral candidates on the courses attended at the Center for Doctoral Studies
  6. survey of the participants in lectures and seminars of the University of Vienna’s careers service UNIPORT
  7. survey of those visiting and exhibiting at the UNIPORT careers fairs
  8. survey of the participants of UniLeben (lecture and seminar programme at the beginning of the semester for first-year and prospective students).


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