Evaluation of the Faculty of Law completed


The evaluation of the Faculty of Law was concluded with the signing of an implementation agreement between the Faculty and the Rectorate. Special attention was paid to the key evaluation topics agreed upon in advance: (1) internationalisation, (2) welcome strategy, (3) promotion of early career academics, (4) visibility, (5) digitalisation and (6) third-party funding strategy.

As part of the evaluation, the faculty first conducted a self-evaluation. In November 2022, an on-site visit by international peers chaired by Professor Beate Gsell (LMU Munich) took place.

The reviewers rated the faculty's performance in research, teaching and transfer very positively. "Overall, the review group was able to gain a very positive impression of the Faculty of Law. This applies both to its research output and to its teaching performance, especially in view of the extraordinarily high student numbers - compared to other German-speaking law faculties in and outside of Austria - and the faculty's relatively limited human and material resources. [...]

The faculty undoubtedly occupies the leading position among the law faculties in Austria, but is also very well positioned internationally in comparison to the entire German-speaking law faculties. It impresses with an extraordinarily broad range of research areas, whereby its pronounced fundamental strength is probably a unique selling point within the German-speaking law faculties. At the same time, the faculty is traditionally and to this day strongly application-oriented."

The written report of the peers goes into detail on the key evaluation topics and provides suggestions for the further development of inter-institutional cooperation, in the area of examinations and feedback, the onboarding of students and staff, the doctoral school, necessary investments in the infrastructure, the web and social media presence of the faculty, as well as for the acquisition of additional third-party funding, especially through inter- and transdisciplinary collaborative research projects.

The evaluation results were discussed in detail by the Rectorate with the faculty management. A large number of expert suggestions for improvement were included in the implementation agreement. Monitoring of the agreed measures takes place within the framework of the target agreement process.

The evaluation report and the statement of the Faculty of Law (both in German) are available to university members at https://qs.univie.ac.at/en/evaluation/faculties-centres/evaluation-reports/.

Evaluation of the Faculty of Law completed

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