Evaluation International Relations completed


The evaluation of the International Relations unit has been completed. The key evaluation topics were development perspectives for bilateral strategic partnerships and multilateral university networks.

As part of the evaluation process, the International Relations unit first conducted a self-evaluation, followed by a site visit. The international evaluators, chaired by Professor Hanna Snellmann (Vice Rector for International Affairs at the University of Helsinki), see the following strengths of the International Relations unit, among others: „As a whole, the international profile of the university is managed well, and its portfolio of strategic partnerships and university networks are in principle on the right track. The panel is impressed by the openness and willingness of IO staff to critically discuss the development of the IO. Feedback from both students and academics as users of the IO’s services has been very positive, indicating the IO is successful in fulfilling the needs of these groups.“  

Development potential is seen for the assessment of strategic partnerships and further development of the European University Alliance Circle U.: “The panel emphasises strategic partnerships should be evaluated at regular intervals using systematic methods including indicators to measure the nature and outcomes of collaboration (e.g. co-publication, project funding, interdisciplinarity). […] The panel sees Circle U collaboration as particularly important, at the centre of European higher education policy shaping the future of European HEIs. As part of the European Universities Initiative, Circle U has the potential to transform many operations also at UoV and further integrate the aspect of international collaboration within all services.”

The evaluation results were extensively discussed between Rectorate and leadership of the International Relations unit. A number of expert suggestions for improvement were included in the implementation agreement. The monitoring of the agreed measures takes place within the framework of the target agreement process.

Evaluation report and statement of the DLE International Relations are available for university members at https://qs.univie.ac.at/evaluationen/administration-service/evaluationsberichte/.

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