To handle the condition in the area of quality assurance of exams, a working group chaired by the Vice Rector for Educational Affairs was installed in fall 2015. The members of the working group are:


  • Christa Schnabl, Vice Rector for Educational Affairs

Office of the Rectorate

  • Bettina Trakall
  • Maria Lausch


  • Peter Lieberzeit

Directorates of Studies

  • Bettina Perthold 
  • Michaela Linzatti 
  • Stefan Zahlmann
  • Michael Zach
  • Bernhard Lamel
  • Thomas Waitz
  • Klaus Puhl
  • Josef Melchior
  • Martin Hopf
  • Barbara Hamilton


Students / Student representatives

  • David Kirsch
  • Magdalena Hangel
  • Philipp Jung

Center for Teaching and Learning, Teaching Affairs and Student Services

  • Charlotte Zwiauer

Unit for Quality Assurance

  • Michael Hofer, Head
  • Jürgen Roth


Dr. Michael Hofer

T: +43-1-4277-18010

Dipl.-Pol. Jürgen Roth

T: +43-1-4277-18005